Game Book GM Preview is out: GMs please finalize your games

Submitted by Edwin Voskamp on Mon, 2019-02-18 21:41

The GM Preview of the Game Book is out. We locked convention, slot, min/max players, players allowed, and game book player status so as not to change data while GMs finalize game titles, game descriptions, charavter instruction and such. If you must make changes to any of these, contact us through the contact form.

We expect the Game Book and game selection to go live this Friday. At that time Early Bird Membership pricing ends!

Memberships and T-shirts available for purchase

Submitted by Edwin Voskamp on Mon, 2019-02-11 15:29

You can now buy memberships and T-shirts! Please note that, courtesy of PayPal taking forever to update things, the company name shown is MOM ETCETERA, LLC.

To submit games you do not have to buy a membership before you do so (you need one before you show up at the con). We'd like more games. If you are planning on still submitting games, please do so by Friday, February 15th. Games that give us an option of slots to schedule them are most useful.

Game Book and Game Selections Available. T-Shirts, and more Coming Soon!

Submitted by admin on Thu, 2009-03-12 10:39

The game book and the form to submit your game choices is up.  You find links at the top of every page.

Within the next few days I will put up the forms so you will be able to order last year's graphic contest winner's T-Shirt, and the Ambercon XX T-shirt with our exciting new logo and artwork by Mike Kucharski.  You will also be able to order additional merchandising to complement the swag.  We will send out an email when the swag ordering page is up.