Game Book

Slot: Slot 1 - Thu 7pm-12am EDT - 5 hours
Agents of the Argent Rose: City Promises (2021) - R.F. McCaughey Returning Players Only
Amber Wasteland - Mike Deneweth Returning Players Only
Council of the Mountain People - Craig Sparling (CS) Full
Fiasco and Follow Fun! - Matt Andrews Full
Gin, No Chaser - Jesse Scoble Full
Retribution's Orphans - Liz T Full
ShadowWorld Mainline (Thursday Night) - Edwin Voskamp Full
The Ghosts of New York - Tara Kunkel Full
The Mists of Ravenloft - James Arnoldi Open Spaces
The Well - Madeline Ferwerda Bernard Full
When the Queen Says, "Go and Die"..: (Thursday Night) - Kit Kindred Returning Players Only