A Company of Wolves

Eric has proven himself dominant among the great princes of Amber and now taken the crown and throne of the eternal realm. Yet his reign is troubled and his enemies are many. Dark forces from Shadow and traitors within plague the land. King Eric's foes will find him ready. He has you to enforce his will. You, to track Amber's enemies. You, to rip out their throats. You are his eyes. You are his teeth. You are his claws. You are his Weir.

Rebels have struck in the heart of Amber itself. Though it has cost them dearly, the Weir have identified their prey. Now, the hunt is on.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Contact GM ASAP for character creation guidelines or to request pregnerated cubs!

Set in Amber in the early days of Eric's reign.
Characters are Eric's most loyal and dangerous agents-the Weir, wolves raised and uplifted by Eric to assume human form.
Slot 2
Players Allowed
Returning Players Given Preference, New Players Welcome
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Minimum number of players
Maximum number of players