Agents of Blackmoor: Operation Grey Wolf Down

It's been weeks since King Drake's failed attempt to create a major power in Blackmoor, and the
changes wrought by the Draconoth Effect continue to alter the shape of the Verse. Rumor has it that
those changes have spread beyond the Alpha and Omega Termini to the ancient lands of Amber and
Thelbane, eliciting no small amount of ire. Closer to home, the very land of Terra has shifted in accord
with Blackmoor's primacy, creating an Iron Ring of worlds with Blackmoor's capitol, Drakestadt, at its center.

This upheaval has forced Drake to mobilize forces to deal with uprisings and disasters as borders reconfigure within the Iron Ring. As Draconoth has spread its influence, so too has the Beck advanced beyond its previous boundaries within the Hive to the Web Worlds and beyond.

The Beck. Some call it a fluid inter-veil region, a dream of the Fae's homeland projected into the
Tween, or the manifested will of Lugh, their King. Whatever the truth of the Beck may be, it offers a
means of travel between worlds for the forces of Blackmoor, by ancient compact with the Fae, and for
Lugh's own people. Military forces of the Hive, led by members of the Order of the Wolf, have
deployed into the Web, taking up strategic positions to meet any reprisal for Blackmoor's actions by
the Great Powers.

Travel within the Web has been dangerous, sometimes deadly.

Two days ago, a company of mixed forces of Blackmoor and the Regot, their mission unknown, went
missing within the Web Worlds on Earth designate 146 and all communication ceased. Passage via
the Beck to and from 146 has been blocked, stranding the company on the other side, and preventing
investigation by Hive elements.

Red Dome agents are called in to investigate. Their mission: Make worldfall on 146 via telluric
protocols. Contact any surviving troops. Discover the source of the block, gain intel on its nature, and
deal with its source. Exfiltrate the company to a secure fallback point.

Is this the first salvo in a coming war? Or merely the twisting forces of a Verse in turmoil? Only the
Agents of Blackmoor can find the truth.

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