1780: The Swamp Fox

With the fall of Charleston and the defeat of the Patriots at Camden, things look bleak for supporters of Independence. Your small militia was about to disband. There was no way you could stand up to the mass of redcoats marching towards Pee Dee. However, General Marion, who made a name for himself as an Indian Fighter in the war with the Cherokee, has arrived with orders from Gates to take command and he has a plan. He knows the swamps better than anyone in the area and he knows where you can hide. When you can't fight a proper war, you can still be a pain in the backside of the British.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Pregens will be provided.
Slot 2
Players Allowed
Any (Returning Players not given preference)
Game Book Player Status
Does Not Run
Minimum number of players
Maximum number of players