Princesses Unknown: Episode I, Tabula Rasa In Parte

You have been having a dream, nay, a is odd in that you know it is a dream, you usually don’t know that until after you wake up. You know something cataclysmic has occurred and you struggle to break the surface of your consciousness and awaken - with increasing desperation. But something, no someone, is holding you back, the know the voice, an old one, one you have not heard in centuries...Dworkin.

Around you there is the odd nonsensical scene of your dreamstate - a visual and aural cacophony of unrelated images, snippets and fragments of things familiar and unfamiliar but his voice cuts through clearly - he’s speaking slowly,steadily, ignoring your struggle to awaken as if narrating the whole thing, speaking to you as if to a child. After a moment or two you hear his voice repeating the same narrative: “All is not lost. I failed but you must not. Begin again, you are the best of what we are or were. What was is not all gone, but do not trust it, do not rely on it - I have tried to keep the pieces that might work intact but I cannot tell what remains that should and what remains that must not. Awaken and begin anew.”

You awaken in Castle Amber - or a version of it -- you remember your dream, the message from the old man but the rest of your memory is unclear, you are a Princess of Amber, these are your rooms but beyond that there is nothing much you remember , not even your own name.

Princesses Unknown: Episode I - Tabula Rasa In Parte is an alternate Amber campaign whose events align largely with those of the Corwin Chronicles and gamestart occurs roughly around the time of Oberon’s attempt to re-draw the Pattern in The Courts of Chaos.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Character generation will be handled pre-con via email and will be based on your responses to a series of quiz questions. Your characters will be roughly 150 point characters but the specifics of Powers, Attributes, Items etc. will be revealed through gameplay. Contact GM.

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Players Allowed
Any (Returning Players not given preference)
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