Kung Fu Challenge: The House of Seven Dooms

Every nine years in the Imperial City of Kanraku, the Jade Emperor allows a few elite warriors to enter the House of Seven Dooms, there to compete in the Ikusa-Ko, a grand melee in which the fighters vie among themselves to determine which of them has the mightiest Kung Fu. When an uncontested victor emerges from the field of battle, he or she is awarded the post of Emerald Champion and the honor of standing at the Emperor's right hand for the next nine years.

But something has gone wrong. Nine years ago, although an impressive group of fighters entered the House of Seven Dooms, no new Emerald Champion emerged. It’s rumored that the Emperor's oracles were able to divine that all the fighters died within, visited by treachery most foul. Now, nine years later, you are one of the current year's contestants, and the Emperor asks that you accept the burden of a twofold duty. Not only must a new Emerald Champion be selected, but the Emperor wishes that the realm's greatest mystery be solved: that the dark fate of the previous contestants becomes known. Surely the mettle of both your wisdom and warfare will be tested. Could the same peril still be waiting for you, in the unfathomable shadows of... the House of Seven Dooms?

Character generation will be vaguely-not-quite quasi-similar to the Amber DRPG rules, and in-game bonuses will be awarded for admirably cheesy Kung Fu role-playing. Shout the name of your signature move as you attack, swear vengeance upon your foes in the name of your honored master, whatever – the cheesier, the better. Characters to be generated before the Con, using a diceless Kung Fu system concocted by the GM.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Put as much work into character creation as you prefer or are able! Players are welcome to write me a novel or accept a pregen character, or anything in between. System info will be provided to all players via e-mail.
Slot 1
Players Allowed
Any (Returning Players not given preference)
Game Book Player Status
Does Not Run
Minimum number of players
Maximum number of players