Blood, the Shadowing: Ace of Spades

For centuries, the Blood have warred on Earth, hidden from the world at large. Long-lived and possessed of powers beyond those of normal men, their origin shrouded in mystery, the Blood battled in secret. All that changed when The Adversary came, seeking to draw the world under the shadow of his rule. Can the Blood set aside their differences to fight back and save their world? Blood: The Shadowing is a loose, episodic series - you don't need to have played in a previous game to join in.

The strongholds of the Blood's factions are shattered, and the Blood are on the run. The Adversary has infiltrated the governments of the world, twisting the minds of the unBlooded. Can the Blood unravel his schemes? If so, the question, as ever, becomes - who will take control?

Blood: the Shadowing is set in the world of Blood Shadow. It is an Amber game, but the players are unlikely to see Amber, and have no knowledge of the place. The Blood are the distant descendants of one or more Amberites who spent time in the Shadow a long time ago. Think World of Darkness, The Highlander TV show or The Matrix for a general feel - a modern world where people somehow manage to conceal large weapons under their trenchcoats. For more info, see here

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Characters are built using the Amber DRPG system using 115 points if sent in before the con (Contact Matt Andrews (, or 105 points if built at the con. All attributes are pre-sold down to Human level. See The wiki's char gen page ( for more information on power availability, etc. Wacky custom powers welcome if negotiated in advance. PCs should choose a faction to be allied with.
Slot 2
Players Allowed
Any (Returning Players not given preference)
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