Amber, the one true world, of which all others are but shadows. You are sons and daughters of Oberon, King of Amber. But this is an Amber above all expectations, a perfect world... in your eyes.

This is a one shot event, and a different form of shared world. Each player will portray one of the Elder Amberites enumerated in the Corwin's tale; Benedict, Finndo, Osric, Dierdre, Eric, Bleys, Brand, Fiona, Llewella, Caine, Gerard, Julian, Flora, Random, or Mirelle. (Yes, Corwin himself is excluded.)

As a player, you must tell me which character you will portray, and describe the perfect world of Amber from the perspective of your character. You should tell me what differences exist between your character and his or her depiction in Corwin's rather lurid fables. Your description of Amber may also differ from Corwin's.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Contact the GM,,and provide a first, second and third choice of character. Once your character is approved, provide a description of the character, his or her interests, and the perfect world of Amber as seen from his or her unique perspective. These descriptions may be as detailed or rough as you desire, and may be very different from those provided by Corwin.
Slot 2
Players Allowed
Any (Returning Players not given preference)
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