Ambercon 2021 Virtual Supporting Membership


This membership allows you to attend virtual Ambercon 2021 to hang out, observe, make a cameo appearance, or play in your one special ongoing game as a returning player. It does not entitle you to make game choices and get scheduled in games.

To buy a membership for another person, please put their user id (full name, orĀ email address they registered with) in the field at the bottom.

Please, if you know you are GMing or playing what slots (i.e. if you know you are taking off certain slots), let us know: it helps us tremendously in creating the game book.

Note: If you want to make special payment arrangements, e-mailĀ

Convention Notice

Ambercon has done everything to make your gaming experience at the convention entertaining, comfortable, and fun. While you are at Ambercon, you are responsible for your own conduct and safety at all times, even while you are role-playing. Ambercon has no liability or responsibility for you, your conduct, or possessions you are bringing with you. Ambercon is also not liable or responsible for the conduct or possessions of other participants, with respect to you. Please remember that the safety and comfort of other gaming participants is affected by you and your conduct. Be courteous!

Thank you, and let the games begin.

2021 Special Notice

All proceeds from memberships go as tips to the staff at the hotel where we normally hold the convention. As we will not have the convention in person at the hotel we want to help them not miss out on the tips they normally would receive from the convention.

The Good Stuff / Bad Stuff is a reference to very old times and was started by Erick Wujcik, the designer of Amber, Diceless Role-Play, who had three different prices for attending Ambercon: Good Stuff, No Stuff, and Bad Stuff, where the extra money from people that bought Good Stuff memberships helped pay for people that could afford less and bought Bad Stuff memberships.

In this case, buying Good Stuff or Bad Stuff does not change anything in your con attendance, game scheduling, it just changes how much you contribute to the staff at the Embassy Suites.