Ambercon 2019 Submit Game Choices

Please let us know what you intend to do in every slot. You MUST make a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice in every slot whether you intend to GM, play, or take it off. For each choice you will have a list of the games from the Game Book, plus the options "I am taking this slot off" and "Any Game." (In the First Choice, you can also select "I am GMing this slot.") You will also have the opportunity to send notes and clarifications to the schedulers in a Notes field for each slot.

If you are GMing, choose "I am GMing this slot" as your first choice game. Do choose other games for your second and third choices (even if it is "I am taking this slot off"), in case for some reason your game is cancelled.

Several things to note:

  • Please register for games as soon as possible. There is a selfish reason and an organizer's reason for doing this. The selfish reason is so that you get into the games you want; the reason the schedulers care is so they can make and confirm your schedules in time for you to communicate with your GMs before people start traveling on the week of the convention. Anyone who has not registered for games by will be assigned games at random.
  • Please do not write to your GMs before receiving your confirmed schedule for the con. This is confusing and a waste of everyone's time. You will receive contact details for your GMs and they will receive contact details for you once the schedules are made.
  • Please note that some games run for multiple sessions. If you register for a game that says, for example, "(Part 1 of 2)" or "(Part 2 of 2)" be sure to check the timing of the other session and register for both.

Your contact information is taken from the account you are logged in with.  Please provide us with your email address, if different.  Please submit game choices for other people on another account.

If you have problems with the form, use the Contact Form and contact Website.  If you have questions, comments, about the games use the Contact Form and contact Game Book.

For more detail on the games, please see the 2019 Game Book.

Please log in to submit game choices.